In our workshop, we create customised outfits/clothing, using a technique of sublimation, for hostesses, promo girls, models, umbrella girls, grid girls, paddock and box girls, fitness, figure skating and competitive skating etc.


We make dresses, bodysuits, tanktops, skirts and many other items, all fully personalised with the colours, logos and brands of your company, client or sponsor. The items are designed to be worn at sporting competitions, events, concerts, beauty contests, exhibitions, motosports events and fairs of any kind.


We collaborate with teams, racing teams, manufacturers, advertising agencies, exhibition organisers, events, communication, concerts, photgraphic agencies and television companies etc.


We create all our garments and accessories from scratch, starting with the blank material. We use a bi-elastic Lycra, which is a high quality, versatile fabric. We then print the design into the fibres of the fabric using a method of sublimation. The garments are then put together by our team of highly qualified and experienced seamstresses. 


Contact us now, and together we can create the ideal garment for you.

We only use high quality fabrics for the production of our customised clothing and accessories. For the QLBodybrand range, we use a Lycra Sport fabric that offers exceptional quality, wearability, elasticity and freedom of movement. Togther with our team of experienced staff, graphists and seamstresses, we create finished products of exceptional quality.

Alpine Groupe Sportwear

2 Avenue Général Barbot - Altipolis

05100 Briançon FRANCE



Tel: + 33 (0) 492245992


We speak English, French and Italien!